What is Holistic Nutrition?

When I decided to become a Holistic Nutritionist, I truly thought I would be learning only about food, and while food is the first start with a Holistic Nutrition approach, it's far more than just about food! So, not only did I receive a certification in Holistic Nutrition, but I learned to live a completely Holistic Lifestyle!Originally a Registered Nurse, I had to unlearn old ideas and relearn new ones, as I journeyed through this certification (i.e.. my healing journey). I experienced EXACTLY the process that I walk my clients through.

Holistic Nutrition starts at the cell-level and is based on the Cycle of Influencing Energy. The Cycle of Influencing Energy "looks at your body from the following integrated perspectives: 1) Anatomy- how your body is structured, 2) Physiology- how your body functions, 3) Biochemistry- how your body produces energy, 4) Energetics- how your body distributes energy, and 5) Emotion- how you feel as a cumulative result of aspects 1 through 4." (Energetic Health Volume 1 Interesting Insights Into Advanced Natural Medicine by Dr. Henele) It's about getting your Mitochondria the therapeutic amount of nutrients they truly need to create more energy. Mitochondria are our cell's powerhouses, and they are the fuel to our energy so feeding them what they need and at the amount needed is crucial to feeling more energetic and is a start to allowing a healing process.

Using a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, I then target the element (organ) that is out of balance with the targeted nutrients needed to spark the healing process. A healing process is approximately 28 days for some, but changes can many times be felt immediately! Everyone's path is unique to them so no one's journey will be the same. People heal at different paces, and it takes commitment to yourself to aid the process. My belief is this: we don't have to be "cured" to heal. Stay with me.......

 After mitochondria are taken care of with nutrients and food, emotions are assessed. Did you know foods affect your moods? Clean foods = clean mind. And, mindset is a huge part of holistic nutrition, as having clean thoughts engage our parasympathetic nervous system, our "rest and digest" nervous system, allowing healing to take place. As you begin to eat cleaner and clean up your mindset, clarity and energy come naturally (pun intended)! Our bodies are divinely designed to heal! 

As you can begin to see an inkling into Holistic Nutrition, you become aware that the word "nutrient" has  more meaning than it's traditional definition. Nutrients are absorbed by our bodies through different avenues. Our minds, our thoughts can be alkalizing or acidic to our bodies. With a Holistic Approach, alkalinity is a huge focus- in mind, body and spirit. Through movement- your choice on which. More on that in a few. Removing environmental toxins from your environment also aid a healing response. This may mean cleaning up your kitchen. Cookware may need to be replaced, oils you cook with may need to be reviewed so that you are using them properly. Did you know that cooking with Olive Oil is probably a bad idea? It's smoke point is low, and as soon as it starts to smoke, it's turned into a Trans-fatty acid. Just throwing that out there. The skin care you use may need to be overhauled. Toxins are everywhere! The soaps we use, the toothpaste, deodorant, all may need to be replaced for true healing to continue, as these can have endocrine disruptors that affect our hormonal system. There are numerous ways to introduce nutrients into your body and by removing so many through environmental toxins, our bodies can absorb more. "We aren't what we eat! We are what we absorb." Dr. Henele

I also educate my clients on breath work, forgiveness, meditation/prayer, movement (at least for 30 minutes after you begin to sweat, 4 to 6 times per week), water intake, herbs, spices and superfoods to add extra antioxidants and healing properties, and so many more principles for you and your entire family!  

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher, I also educate on mindfulness and yoga. Mindfulness is cultivating a practice of being present in the moment, and practicing yoga is one the most perfect ways to practice being mindful in the moment. Talk about full-circle Holistic Nutrition! Mind. Body. Spirit. 

xoxo- Andrea