My Seven Most Favorite Books for Spiritual and Personal Growth


  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho- simple read about a shepherd boy who follows divine signs; the Universe conspires! 
  2. The Anatomy of a Calling by Lissa Rankin, MD - following the call for your soul's purpose
  3. The Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin, MD- "Cultivating courage as medicine for the body, mind and soul." (Subtitle)
  4. Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin, MD- provides scientific proof we can heal ourselves
  5. The Wheels of Life by PhD, Anodea Judith- Everything to know about the Chakra System
  6. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - creative living beyond the other "F" word: FEAR
  7. Finding Your Way In a Wild New World by Martha Beck- about staying true to you to live the life you want

What are your favorite books regarding Spirituality and Growth? I would love to hear!

XO- Andrea

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Andrea Arledge