Self Care Rituals

Engaging your parasympathetic mode (the parasympathetic nervous system's "rest and digest"mode) is crucial in this hectic world we live in! Habits can be created in 21 short days, and  self-care rituals turned habits promote wellness on so many levels. 

What are your self care rituals? Need ideas?

  • Have you ever thought to give yourself a MENTAL HIGH-FIVE throughout the day? We often don't give ourselves credit for even the little accomplishments made throughout the day. Practice a MENTAL HIGH-FIVE when you talk positively to your self, for example. Practice with me now. Say your name, too. "Great Job, (insert your name here)!" Now, place your hands together and clap them over your head! Keep practicing saying the phrase as you clap overhead. Yessss, there's an awesome start! 
  • Baths- oh baths! Your favorite essential oil(s) in a warm bath with rose petals and epsom salts can relax and detox the body both of physical and mental toxins. 
  • Yoga certainly engages your parasympathetic nervous system. Any kind of yoga really! Can I get a "savasana"? 
  • Eating meals with your family has been a lost tradition in many homes these days. Try cooking and eating together as a family unit. This too is a self care, bonding ritual!
  • Go for a hike. Getting out in nature, feeling grounded, breathing fresh air is awesome for the soul and is a great way to surrender the days events or relish in them. According to the day, right? 
  • Meditating. I don't mean totally clearing your mind of all thoughts. Most of us aren't Buddhist monks. There are so many different forms of meditation. What makes your heart sing? That can be meditative. More to come on the different forms of meditation so stay tuned! 

I would love to hear your ideas for self care rituals. These are just a few I practice, and I'm always open to learning more ways to help myself. A beginner's mind y'all! Please share!