VIP 1:1 6 Month Heal From the Inside Out Experience

VIP 1:1 6 Month Heal From the Inside Out Experience


Spend 6 months with me for a DEEP, DEEP soul dive as we use food as a portal into your Awakening Experience so you emerge on your path feeling grounded, centered and full of renewed energy!

I want you to ask yourself if you’re 100% committed to YOU before beginning this journey together?

  • You’ll receive a Vitality Report Reading to help you understand your challenges around health and Divine Purpose too using Practical Numerology.

  • Get a free 6 month membership for PlateJoy so you create your own Meal Plan and shopping list to pick the best foods for your Elemental Imbalance and to bring clarity through Alkalinity in your body. You’ll have this for when our work together is completed to assist you on your journey for another 3 months!

  • You’ll also receive a Food Sensitivity test that tests for 184 foods that may be the cause of much inflammation in your body. We’ll get you #alkaline and clear!

  • We’ll spend once a week on a 60 to 90 minute call working through Emotional Mastery and any blocks that keep you from moving through your Healing Process.

  • We’ll ground you into your Soul Purpose, and journey together through meditations.

  • You’ll also have Voxer support from me during our 6 months together.

  • We’ll clean up and clear up your energy with Reiki, Conscious coaching and Holistic Exercises that ALLOW you to emerge.

  • Reclaim your Soul Purpose, be in touch with your FULL body, as you emerge WHOLE and FREE!

  • We’ll work on gut health so you can feel like a clear vessel and learn to trust your intuition. I always ask, “How can you trust your intuition is your gut isn’t healthy?”

After our time together, you’ll feel empowered to live life at your HIGHEST level! Trusting Your Core Vales and embodying them.

You will NEVER be the same again, and that I can attest to.

You don’t have to do this alone, because I know it can be confusing when you don’t understand what’s happening as you Awaken to the REAL YOU.

Actually you may feel very different from everyone and know you have a gift, just not what to do with it. I GET YOU!

Payment plans are available, and I also accept Health Care Savings accounts for my Nutrition services.

Please reach out to me personally if you need a payment plan.

xoxo Andrea Arledge

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