Package of 4 Reiki Sessions with Soul Purpose Blueprint

Package of 4 Reiki Sessions with Soul Purpose Blueprint


Reiki is a healing modality that can help get you into a Parasympathetic Nervous System dominant state of being.

When our Parasympathetic Nervous system is engaged, that’s where all healing takes place, cellularly and soulularly. Yes, I made that word came to me in 2015 as I was doing a Facebook live of all places! But it’s true!!!

Healing can be instantaneous when we allow it, but much like massage, accupuncture or therapy one session just simply isn’t enough for a transformation or true release.

Reiki can help you remove hidden blocks that you aren’t aware of.

Maybe that block is an emotion that is trapped in your body?

We seal up any energy leaks in your energy field or auric body and chakra system.

I do a healing attunement that introduces higher frequency energy for an even greater healing experience being a Reiki Master Teacher. This allows for faster healing with fewer sessions to really feel the shift.

Reiki is noninvasive to the body, as we explore the hidden blocks in the energy body.

Reiki can help release emotional blocks, energetic blocks, mental blocks that cause anxiety and depression.

Whatever your Intention is for your healing, the Reiki energy will go where it’s needed so that it can transmute and be sent to the Higher Light to heal.

I would love to help you with your Intention to Heal!

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