The Sovereign Path 1:1

The Sovereign Path 1:1


12 week 1:1 Conscious Coaching with a program to walk you through your Awakening process, grounded and aligned with your truth.

You get the most out of this work by completing the exercises, and seal the information in your body.

Learn where you are on the drama triangle so you can stop playing the part, and remove yourself.

Rewire old patterns of beliefs that are outdated and no longer serve you.

The end goal is Embodied Freedom where you learn Emotional and Self Mastery, and you finally feel what it’s like to be able to feel the Freedom you’ve been craving.

Freedom from the shoulds.

Freedom from the comparison.

Freedom from not trusting yourself.

Freedom from not standing in your own power and giving your power to everyone else.

Freedom to love yourself.

The beauty of this program is that whatever Intention you set, that’s the Intention that will manifest when you do the work.

You will never think or be the same after this program! Transformation is guaranteed, and it’s been proven over and over again in my own practice with clients.

True growth and expansion happen here, and this is my promise to you.

With much love and abundant blessings,


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